3D Repo is proud to be presented with the award for augmented reality/virtual reality project of 2020 for our new 3D planning portal, PlanBase.

PlanBase is an open-source 3D planning portal where residents and planners alike can easily review planning proposals and comment on them where it matters most. Through data and smart technology, PlanBase democratises the planning process to help drive participation and engagement across all groups of people.

PlanBase was the winning innovation of the Mayor of London’s Civic Innovation Challenge which was created to find solutions that could help democratise the planning process. It has been highlighted that 45% of the UK’s population are unable to read a plan.  As a result, residents can often end up objecting to a development they would have been happy to support if they had been better able to understand the development proposed.

Winning the Civic Innovation Challenge led to the development of an embeddable consultation tool where 3D data can be displayed cost-effectively and at real benefit to users who would not normally have understood or engaged in the planning process. The tool is scalable from a small planning application proposal to large scale site regeneration. It can even be scaled to Local Plan and strategic level consultation.

A big thank you to everyone that voted in the Construction Computing awards this year!

Click here to learn more about PlanBase.

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