3D Repo has released the latest version of its cloud-based digital construction platform adding features to further improve the navigation and analysis of 3D BIM models. Users can now drill down through the different elements of their designs to view exactly what they need using the new clipping tools to help easily identify issues.

Notification Centre

Designed to further promote collaboration within digital construction projects, the free version of 3D Repo now also contains a notification centre where users can manage issues and changes that have been assigned to them in one place.

Clipping Tools

As well as updating and improving the graphics capabilities of the platform, users now have access to a new Clip Box feature and an improved Clipping Plane tool. What this means for users is that they can manipulate their 3D models even further, allowing them to clip down the model to see only the elements they need.

“3D Repo’s Building Information Modelling (BIM) platform exists to improve collaboration, coordination and communication within the construction industry” commented Jozef Dobos, CEO and founder of 3D Repo, and the addition of the Notification Centre, included with the newly released 3D Repo looks to do just that. Users can identify issues within their 3D models and assign them to other collaborators of the project and include important information that can be immediately accessed and actioned by the recipient through the Notification Centre.

Download JSON Files

Another update to 3D Repo’s cloud-based BIM platform gives users the ability to download JSON files and integrate them with other popular platforms such as Power BI or Revit to automate your daily workflows and visualise the progress of your project.

“Anyone can spin a 3D model on a web browser but it’s features like these that separate our platform from the others” commented Dobos.

Additional Features

Additional new features with the latest release of 3D Repo include optimised support for 3D .dgn files, the CAD format files used by Bentley Systems, MicroStation and Intergraph, to 3D Repo where they can be managed in the online database and used in federations for design coordination.

3D Repo is the multi-award-winning company behind the cloud-based BIM platform that allows users to access the latest 3D models and make real-time changes and informed decisions online. Often described as an online knowledge base, the 3D Repo platform is different from other collaboration tools as it uses a component-based database – meaning that information is live, useful and accessible throughout the entire project lifecycle.

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