We’re excited to introduce the latest release of 3drepo.io – V5.4! From smart groups in custom tickets to 75% faster model processing, this release is tailored to make your work smoother, faster, and more efficient.

Take a look at some of the exciting new features and improvements in V5.4 that will further boost collaboration and productivity across your projects.

New features and enhancements in V5.4

Model Processing Improvements

Say goodbye to long model processing times. With models processing up to 75% faster, you can use 3D Repo to view larger models effortlessly. Spend less time waiting and more time engaging with your projects.

Smart Groups in Custom Tickets

Elevate your ticketing experience with smart rules. Now, you can simply select, hide, show, and recolour model elements based on predefined rules, allowing you to manage tickets more effectively and gain deeper insights into your projects.

V5.4 Smart Groups

Custom Tickets Resolution

Custom tickets will now automatically filter resolved tickets, keeping your ticketing system tidy and organized. Enjoy a hassle-free workflow with this enhancement.

Custom Tickets Search

Find the right ticket easily with the custom tickets search functionality. You can perform keyword searches across all ticket types, enabling you to locate specific information quickly and efficiently.

Custom Tickets Plugin

Seamlessly integrate your favourite tools and further streamline your workflow. Access, edit, and create new tickets directly within Revit, NavisWorks, Civils 3D, and AutoCAD with our new custom tickets plugin.

Download the plugins here

Custom Tickets Plugin

Ability to Enforce SSO and Whitelist

Enhance security and control access with ease. Make TeamSpaces Single Sign-On (SSO) only, and define which domains users are allowed access, ensuring that your projects remain in the right hands.

Corner Snapping for Measure Tool

The measure tool now accurately snaps to corners, providing more precise measurements, reducing errors, and delivering reliable data for your analysis.

Kanban Look Aheads

Plan ahead with confidence. Our Kanban board now supports six-week look aheads, giving you a clear view of project progress and enabling better decision-making.

Kanban Look Aheads

Additional Improvements & Bug Fixes

This release includes 17 additional enhancements and addresses 27 bugs, ensuring a smoother experience for all users. To find out more about the additional V5.4 enhancements and bug fixes, read more here.

Ready to get started with v5.4?

Existing 3drepo.io users can simply login to your account to begin utilising V5.4 today. New to 3D Repo? Book a Free Demo with us to learn more about how V5.4 can help take your BIM collaboration to the next level!

For any questions, please email us at support@3drepo.com.

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