Our own Commercial Director and construction software professional, Andrew Norrie, will present at the upcoming Glimpse of the Future event on 10 December.
Presentation Description:
Pioneers of cloud-based BIM coordination platform, 3D Repo, have been working on an exciting new integration for importing 4D Synchro models into the 3D Repo cloud. The integration will improve planning and collaboration on construction projects as sequences can be easily shared with other team members and commented on directly inside the web browser for immediate feedback. Join this presentation to learn how the Synchro integration with 3D Repo works and how it will improve collaboration and productivity.
Event description is below taken from https://glimpseofthefuture.com/
Glimpse of the Future – December 2020
Glimpse of the Future brings you the latest tales of success in using new technology in the construction sector. In fast-paced sessions, you will find success stories from innovators changing how projects are controlled or managed. From the smallest innovations to the largest megaprojects, learn to harness technology that will make a tangible difference to your projects.
December 10th:
10:00 – Ronan Collins – GAMUDA Engineering Viewpoint case study
10:15 – Adrian Smith – E7 – Bruce Highway Upgrade Case Study
10:30 – Rotem Ravid – INTSITE – AI-powered automation of heavy machinery
10:45 – Andrew Norrie – 3D Repo go 4D with new Bentley Synchro integration
13:00 – Andy Ward – xbim – The toolkit providing core functionality to thousands of companies
13:15 – Paul Wilkinson – Current themes in UK government and industry technology discussions
13:30 – Rande Johnson – North Carolina Department of Transportation case study
13:45 – Mirko Ross – Asvin – Cybersecurity track – How vulnerable are you being hacked and what can you do about it?
Detailed agenda is here https://glimpseofthefuture.com/upcoming/
Please follow the Glimpse of the Future company page on Linkedin a https://www.linkedin.com/company/11208198

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