3D Repo has partnered with Mission Room on a new integration that will enable 3D Repo’s cloud solution to be used directly within Mission Room’s 360° visualisation products

There is nothing as dispiriting as visiting a theme park like Disney World or Monumental Studios on your own. The designers have gone to incredible lengths to present you with the ultimate visual and tactile experience, but they are unable to provide the vital ingredient – someone for you to share the experience with.

The function of all of the latest fabulous and up-to-date visualisation and immersive solutions entering the industry is not just to give the user (visitor, explorer – what would you suggest is the best term?) a pleasant experience, but to enable them to explore a 3D model, or to experience an immersive scene in partnership with someone else, sharing ideas, looking at the relationship of different elements, working out the ergonomics of a piece of installed equipment, or just commenting on the…

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