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1. Could you use 3 words or one sentence to brief introduce your product (service) to Chinese readers?
Open source 3D version control system for the construction industry
2. In your industry, who is your most admirable opponent?
3. The copyright of intellectual property is a headache. From the program code to the 3D file, do you think the open source movement and open source business models really solve the problem ? Or aggravate the problem ?
In our opinion open source is the only way forward. The CAD/BIM industry is currently heavily disadvantaged due to what is commonly referred to as vendor lock-in where large corporations tend to focus on data exchange only within their own portfolio of products. Several industrial standards to overcome this problem have been proposed, namely ISO standard Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), however, these are not suitable for the modern semantic web paradigms. Therefore, we believe that only open collaboration between software vendors, the industry as a whole and individual users is the only way how to solve the current interoperability problems. That is why everything we do at 3D Repo is open source.
4. One opinion, said 3D printing technology will be a key development in the aviation industry. NASA used the Made In Space 3D printer , and SpaceX also used 3D printing technology to produce the engine components. How do you see the role of 3D printing in space technology commercialization?
3D printing is a great way of creating complex shapes from raw resources anywhere. We see a huge influx of 3D printed shapes in the construction industry here on Earth already, so it only makes sense to use this technology in space where mechanized robots will have to deliver what otherwise would be done by traditional builders back here.
5. Do you have any comments or feedback for the China-Britain Joint Science & Technology Summit?
The event was a great opportunity to showcase technological advancements and establish longer term collaboration across borders. We see China as a huge market for our products due to revolutionary approach of Chinese builders that is now famous worldwide. There are also many large infrastructure projects in China and we believe we could deliver massive cost savings in this space, too.

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