Changes are inevitable in today’s complex building environment, but those changes can have an impact on a project’s time, cost, and quality. Building Information Modelling (BIM) can help significantly reduce the impact of change by tracking and analysing design changes. Collaborative BIM tools enable the whole project team to work together with ease and ensure design changes are identified and resolved during the design phase rather than on-site.

Issue Tracking

When issues are inevitably found, a digital construction platform like 3D Repo’s ensures timely resolution among collaborators. Users can easily drop pins to identify issues and assign them to various parties on the project – issues are also highlighted with a colour specific to the party that the issue has been assigned to.

Gone are the days of lost emails and written notes, instead, a 100% cloud-based issue tracker manages issues in one central place for all stakeholders to see, allowing for full transparency and accountability. What’s more, 3D Repo’s new Kanban (Trello style) issue board makes viewing and managing issues even easier with a quick glance across the board for an update on any new issues and anything outstanding.

3D Repo Kanban Board

Change Detection

Change detection is a key feature of 3D Repo’s cloud-based BIM collaboration platform. The tool, 3D Diff®, detects changes in 3D models regardless of their file type or underlying data structure and highlights exactly what has changed between any two model revisions. It’s simple really, red denotes deletions and green highlights any additions. 3D Diff does not discriminate between different modelling applications or file types, instead, it looks for changes in geometry, making it extremely easy to use among many different collaborators using different modelling software. Learn about 3D Diff®.

3D Repo comparison Model

Smart Groups

Building design must also comply with a wide spectrum of requirements including building codes, standards, project requirements, owner’s specifications etc. All these requirements can have a bottleneck effect on the timeline of a project where inefficient evaluation processes are used to perform these necessary checks.

3D Repo provides an automated checking and data validation tool called Smart Groups. Smart Groups democratises the model checking process, simplifying data validation for all stakeholders to reveal whether correct naming conventions have been adhered to, that relevant BIM data has been entered, and whether or not the object meets the agreed standards. New data will also automatically update in the Smart Group after new revisions are uploaded. Read more about Smart Groups here.

Smart Groups 3D repo

Data Analytics

To further democratise data, 3D Repo lets you visualise and analyse a project’s data by linking to powerful business intelligence tools such as Microsoft Power BI. This allows you to gain insights on issues, health and safety concerns, and more so you can monitor the progress of your project. With 3D Repo’s open API you can create custom dashboards and reports with live data and analytics. Want to learn how?

Power Bi Dashboard

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