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Backers of 3D Repo had to learn to pitch to investors as they sought to grow.
Anyone who has ever watched an episode of Dragons’ Den will know that getting the investment to take a concept from idea to marketplace can floor the most confident of business people.
So how did the team behind 3D Repo, recently voted Start-up of the Year at New Civil Engineer’s Festival of Innovation and Technology, secure the cash needed to make that transition?

Aggregating digital information

3D Repo operates a cloud-based digital construction platform. It allows the construction sector to aggregate digital project information – such as building information modelling plans and Civil 3D plans – in one place, where information and changes can be stored, tracked and shared, giving managed access to all stakeholders.
The software allows architects, engineers and contractors to use a single website for their project data, including managing project revisions, highlighting health and safety issues and collaborating on the project in a live online environment.

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