London, 14 June 2018 – Digital Construction technology provider 3D Repo has announced software that identifies clashes in construction plans by analysing 3D models submitted by project partners and contractors. The new Clash Detection functionality has been added to 3D Repo’s 3D Diff solution.  Launched earlier this year, 3D Diff is the first web based, real-time change detection software for 3D construction models used in Building Information Modelling (BIM).
Another first for the sector, the enhanced 3D Diff solution with Clash Detection automatically identifies and highlights intersections, and therefore potential conflicts, between different types of models. From the starting point of the architect’s plans, a range of disciplines, including structural; environmental; mechanical, electrical and plumbing, and potentially many others, will each produce their own models. Each such model can consist of a range of 3D files with underlying metadata. Since, in many cases, each discipline works in their own silos before design review on a federation happens, clashes such as pipework cutting through a solid steel structure can easily occur.
The cloud-based 3D Clash Detection is a fast and reliable way to compare and contrast 3D models, from different disciplines, regardless of the file format or the software used to create them. A patent pending industry first, the 3D Diff with Clash Detection operates on models of any type, in real time via an encrypted web browser. The 3D Repo solution also allows users to share visualisations, highlighting clashes, with project partners and stakeholders irrespective of location or time-zone. These can then be exported as BCF (Building Collaboration Format) files that can be shared with authoring tools. Unlike existing solutions in the marketplace that highlight whole objects that clash, the 3D Repo solution detects and visualises exact intersection points wherever they appear.
“Clashes are often the cause of serious delays in construction projects as the BIM process consists of data originating from different project contributors,” commented Dr Jozef Dobos, CEO of 3D Repo. “Spotting clashes in real-time and at any stage can make an enormous difference in the ease, speed and therefore cost of the rectification process.”
“Using online 3D Clash Detection together with 3D Diff Change Detection technology could be the difference in a project being on track or not,” he continued. “Models of any type and from any source can be compared with the original designs, and with each other, ensuring clashes are detected at the earliest opportunity to minimise impact.”
In addition to offering a fast, effective, software independent solution for change and clash detection, the 3D Repo platform requires no installation or desktop software. Data is fully encrypted and project permissions, such as view only or comment, can be assigned to individual project partners.
The 3D Diff digital solution builds on 3D Repo’s award winning cloud based BIM platform that allows users to access, via the web, the latest 3D models and make real time changes and informed decisions. Often described as an online knowledge base, the 3D Repo platform is different from other collaboration tools as it uses a component-based database – meaning that information is live, useful and accessible throughout the entire project lifecycle.
You can use 3D Diff for free at

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3D Repo is a multi-award winning company providing a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for Digital Construction in the cloud. Instead of architects, consultants and contractors sharing massive proprietary files in a costly and time consuming manner, they can simply point their web browser to an encrypted database in order to manage the project as well as verify, validate and analyse the data in a fully collaborative environment.
With 3D Repo, users can manage model revisions and highlight potential issues using live collaboration tools, which allow the whole project team to work from a single source of truth. Additionally, the project knowledge base can be accessed via VR giving a live experience which has applications in Health and Safety training, 4D sequencing and client experiences.
The 3D Repo team has collaborated on a number of large scale projects with companies such as Atkins, Balfour Beatty, Skanska, Crossrail and Canary Wharf Contractors.

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