Efficient risk management and compliance with CDM Regulations are paramount in the construction industry for ensuring the safety and success of projects. Willmott Dixon, a leading contracting and interior fit-out company in the UK, sought a forward-thinking solution to streamline risk management and enhance compliance efforts by implementing 3D Repo’s SafetiBase on the Oxlow Bridge School Project.

This case study explores how SafetiBase has transformed their approach to risk identification, review, and management, making it more collaborative, transparent, and efficient.

The Challenge: Advancing Risk Management and CDM Compliance

Willmott Dixon recognised the importance of effective and efficient risk management and CDM compliance in construction projects. They identified the need for a collaborative and transparent approach, moving away from manual and outdated methods of risk logging through spreadsheets.

Karl Enright, Senior Design Coordinator at Willmott Dixon, highlighted that, “Willmott Dixon chose to use SafetiBase to streamline the process of identifying, reviewing, and managing design risk. The SafetiBase platform allows for this process to be done more collaboratively and transparently.”

Overcoming Initial Reluctance

Sean Preston, Principal Designer/CDM Advisor at Woodley Coles for the project, stated, “After some initial reluctance to adopt new technology, we found the training sessions simple to follow, which allowed the system to be adopted throughout the design team.”

Despite the initial reservations about implementing a new software into their risk management processes, the skepticism transformed into confidence as the platform was embraced by the design team. The user-friendly interface and available in-depth training sessions had a significant impact on the adoption and up-take of the platform.

Streamlining Risk Identification, Management and Collaboration

Although introducing a new platform can initially pose challenges in terms of engagement and user adoption, once the team became familiar with SafetiBase, its implementation transformed the way risk was handled throughout the Oxlow School Bridge Project.

“We are now finding that risk is being discussed much earlier in the design process, and have full confidence that the residual risks left within the register or on a drawing, have been rigorously challenged,” Karl explained. This early engagement with risk enabled a proactive and comprehensive risk management strategy.

Moreover, SafetiBase also significantly enhanced collaboration among project stakeholders. As Karl emphasised, “our design team have found it easy to adopt the process of tagging risk to the model and have seen the benefits and efficiency of bringing design risk into the shared model environment.”

As a result, the shared model environment facilitated real-time discussions and updates across 16 companies collaborating on the project, ensuring that everyone involved was on the same page regarding risk assessment and mitigation. In the end, 86 risks were identified and reduced down to 20 through the use of SafetiBase.

Comprehensive Risk Management and Coordination

“The benefits in terms of risk management were immediately tangible, as all of the design team had access to all of the risks across all parts of the building. This is a great aid to design risk management and coordination and as principal designers, we have confidence that the principles of prevention have been adopted across the project and that the residual risk register schedule is comprehensive,” stated Sean. This accessibility further ensured that risk assessment was comprehensive and consistent throughout the project, aligning with CDM principles.

Future Prospects: Expanding SafetiBase Adoption

The implementation of SafetiBase on the Oxlow Bridge School Project opens the door to exciting possibilities for Willmott Dixon. The platform not only streamlined risk assessment but also promoted collaboration and transparency, setting a new standard for risk management.

“As team engagement with SafetiBase grows and the benefits become more apparent, there is great potential to use it across future projects,” says Karl.

Willmott Dixon’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and safety in construction positions SafetiBase as a valuable tool for enhancing risk management and CDM compliance across their project portfolio. The experience gained on Oxlow Bridge School Project serves as a solid foundation for future endeavours, demonstrating that SafetiBase can become an integral part of Willmott Dixon’s construction methodology.

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