See why John F Hunt commissioned 3D Repo’s cloud-based collaboration platform to help track the progress of all demolition, remediation, and enabling works on the Sugar House Island project.

Case study - Sugar house island

Sugar House Island

UK construction firm, John F Hunt, is acting as Principal Contractor for a 26-acre land regeneration project taking place in East London. With a £70 million value, John F Hunt are providing a complete suite of works including demolition, reclamation, sheet-pile construction, invasive weed control, soils and groundwater remediation, materials management, earthworks, infrastructure and highway construction.

The transformation of this historic neighbourhood will create over 3 acres of parks, squares and yards, and riverside walks for the community. Phase one construction began in 2017, and on completion will deliver 624,000 ft2 of office space, 1,200 new homes, as well as restaurants, coffee shops, and a 350-bed hotel.

A First for the UK

John F Hunt commissioned 3D Repo’s cloud-based collaboration platform for BIM, and workflow and digital evidence-based platform eviFile to track the progress of all demolition, remediation, and enabling works. The combination of these technologies for use on a groundworks project is believed to be a first for the UK making it one of the most technologically advanced nationwide.

John F Hunt 3D model with eviFile

John F Hunt Objectives

  • Digitising old processes and accessing a single view of work via a web browser;
  • Central tracking and evidence of the programme of works;
  • Access point of interest data and geolocation from the model and the field – via the mobile view;
  • View project progress digitally, and a complete audit trail of completed tasks;
  • Provide digital evidence and sign-off on completion.

A Single Source of Truth

Models are uploaded and federated in 3D Repo’s secure online platform, which gives eviFile the potential to map points of interest within the model. 3D Repo’s issue management process is then used to link each asset into eviFile, subsequently enabling people in the field to simply and quickly gain access to the workflow, forms, information, and data assets they need to complete the specific asset.

Any information captured in the field including forms and photographs flow back into the model, where John F hunt are also able to view and manage issues in real-time. 3D Repo’s open API means custom digital solutions can easily be designed to suit the needs of the client.

With 3D Repo’s API you can also:

  • Create dashboards
  • Link to productivity software
  • Project reporting
  • Bespoke UI
  • Bespoke Applications

“3D Repo’s open API and flexibility made it super simple to work together. This project has been a powerful unison of two products that have worked really well together to deliver a particular scheme.”

John F Hunt 3D model issues

Collaborating with eviFile

The eviFile view ties the BIM model to a GPS view so the user can see the geolocation of the model via a mapping tool. BIM information is also overlayed into the workflow. From there, custom workflows can be determined and on completion are pushed instantly back into 3D Repo.

Additional information required for the job e.g. drawings or videos can be deployed through eviFile. More complicated workflows can also be applied including forms, QA referrals, issues, comments, and dialogue between designers and engineers in the field. All of this can happen within the app and pushed back into 3D Repo.

Web-based eviFile enables contractors to securely record work on-site, report issues with assets and allocate tasks to field operatives. 3D Repo’s collaborative online platform facilitates the flow of information back to a secure single source of truth for all stakeholders. The combination of 3D Repo and eviFile is believed to achieve on average a 40 per cent more efficient programme through effective data sharing and reduced time on-site.

“Very impressed by the setup for the field trial. This has resulted in a platform which our team has fully engaged with and has exceeded our expectations across all metrics – a truly customisable, relevant and collaborative platform.”

John F Hunt eviFile and 3D Repo integration

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