This case study examines the integration of 3D Repo with OpenText™ Core for Supplier Exchange; a solution for streamlining the management of contractual deliverables and transmittals securely in the cloud.

Case study - OpenText

Streamlining deliverables

Headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, OpenText is a world leader in Enterprise Information Management, helping companies manage, secure and exchange information at a global scale. OpenText solutions manage content or unstructured data for large companies, government agencies, and professional services firms.

This case study examines the integration of 3D Repo with OpenText™ Core for Supplier Exchange; a solution for streamlining the management of contractual deliverables and transmittals securely in the cloud.

Core for Supplier Exchange

Core for Supplier Exchange simplifies the distribution, review and approval of transmittals and contractual deliverables within a global network of suppliers and vendors.

It is important to note, Core for Supplier Exchange is a public cloud transition point between an engineering project, or operational asset, and its suppliers – it is not an Enterprise Content Management system of record.

To begin with, a list of deliverables is created and reflected in the main deliverables library. These deliverables are also automatically reflected in the Core for Supplier Exchange. Contributors or suppliers are asked to join and contribute towards the deliverables, with access to upload and submit deliverables to the Core for Supplier Exchange.


Integrating with 3D Repo

The integration with 3D Repo means that any Revit or IFC files that are uploaded to the Core for Supplier Exchange are automatically picked up and loaded into a corresponding project in 3D Repo. This may be a revision of an existing model file and all of the usual commenting, mark-ups, and tools can be utilised with 3D Repo before the deliverable has come near the main system library.

The Core for Supplier Exchange Reviewer can access the component in 3D Repo during the review process. Suppliers can be given read-only access to 3D Repo to see issues and comments in the context of the model. If they reject the deliverable, the integration will delete it from 3D Repo. Ultimately, once the deliverable has been approved, it comes across into the main deliverables system library.

3D Repo has been used for this integration by OpenText due to its open API and open-source platform, allowing OpenText to fully customise it to suit the needs of their customers.

The Process

  • Create a list of deliverables;
  • Collaborators are automatically notified and invited to contribute;
  • Suppliers upload and submit their deliverables to Supplier Exchange;
  • IFC and Revit files are automatically loaded into 3D Repo;
  • Review model files using 3D Repo software in the browser;
  • Model files are approved and accepted into the main system library

“The integration with 3D Repo makes BIM data part of existing document submit and review cycles, and provides our users with all the great functionality 3D Repo has to offer.”


3D Repo Open API

Due to its open API and advanced data management, OpenText was easily able to integrate the 3D Repo digital construction platform with their software solution.

3D Repo’s API is utilised by the 3D Repo online interface, which means that all of the functionalities seen there can also be accessed via the API and used directly with any 3rd party software solution.

How does this Maximise the Value of Incoming BIM?

  • Make BIM data part of existing document submit/review cycles;
  • Assess and reject data before it reaches the main system of record;
  • Enable all the collaboration functionality of 3D Repo during the submission process;
  • Provide 3D Repo functionality for review and collaboration from the main system of record

3D Repo ISO Certification

ISO international standards ensure consumers can have the confidence that their products are safe, reliable, and of good quality. 3D Repo has undergone independent verification through BSI to achieve the highest standards of information security, privacy, and management processes and controls.

ISO 27001 – Certificate number IS 693487

ISO 9001 – Certificate number FS 693488

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