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Revit Plugin

The 3D Repo Issues Viewer plugin provides a convenient way of managing project issues. Issues created in 3D Repo can now be accessed inside Autodesk Revit with the Revit Plug-in. View messages, resources, screenshots, and even add new issues and comments all from within the Revit environment. Any new issues and comments are then easily synched back to 3D Repo for other collaborators to view.

Supported Versions:

  • Revit 2018
  • Revit 2019
  • Revit 2020
  • Revit 2021
Download Plugin

General Usage Instructions:

  • Sign Up on for a free account
  • Create a new project in 3D Repo and upload any model
  • Create issues in Model Federations or individual models
  • Download and Install 3D Repo Revit Plugin
  • Open Autodesk Revit desktop application and load any model with issues in 3D Repo
  • In Revit go to the Addins section of the toolbar panel
  • Click on the 3D Repo Issues Viewer plugin to activate it
  • Login to your 3D Repo account using your username & password
  • Load project issues list n a few steps:
    1. Select Teamspace
    2. Project
    3. Model/Federation
  • Open a Perspective 3D View in Revit
  • Filter issues list by typing a search phrase in the search bar
  • Click on any issue in the list to change camera position
  • Click on the arrow to open individual issues
  • Change Issue information (if permissions allow)
  • Add comments or model screenshots to any issue
  • Upload external images to comments if required
  • Open the resource panel to see issue attachments (Images, PDFs or web links)
  • Create new issues from within Revit Environment
  • Sync issue comments/new issues back to 3D Repo

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