3D Repo Navisworks Plugin

Download the Plug In

General Usage Instructions 

  1. Sign Up on 3drepo.io for a free account.
  2. Create a Project and a new model.
  3. Open Autodesk Navisworks desktop application and load a 3D Model.
  4. In Navisworks open the ‘Export add-ins’ tab in the tools ribbon.
  5. Click on the 3D Repo Plugin to activate it.
  6. Select appropriate server and provide your login credentials.
  7. In the new window from a drop-down list select Teamspace, Project and your Model.
  8. Model Information contains the parameters.
  9. Last Revision contains the information about the previously uploaded model.
  10. For a new revision provide Revision Name (Alphanumeric and Underscores Only)
  11. Description is an optional field.
  12. Press ‘Upload’ and wait for the processing to finish.
  13. Once completed, the uploaded data will be available on 3drepo.io

You can upload parts of the model by hiding unselected model elements and saving the file as NWD. 3D Repo plugin will only upload the visible model elements. Any colour override to model elements in Navisworks will be sent to 3D Repo as well.