Load Models Faster with Model Caching

By 21st January 2020 Announcements

A handy new feature that we recently added to 3D Repo is model caching. When enabled in 3D Repo, the model caching feature uses local storage (a browser feature called IndexedDB) to keep the downloaded models available for faster access.


We loaded the large Hearstpace University model into 3D Repo without model caching enabled.

Time taken to load 100% = 1 minute 01 seconds

We then loaded the same model again, but this time with model caching enabled.

Time taken to load 100% = 14 seconds


How to use model caching

Step 1: Click the account button in the top right-hand corner of the 3DRepo.io browser window.

Step 2: Click Visual Settings

Step 3: Click to toggle on Model Caching

Now you can begin to load models as normal using the model caching feature. You should notice a rapid increase in load time the next time you open that model.

Model data will remain stored until the cache is cleared by the user or the computer.

Warning: Enabling model caching will save model data to your browser cache. If you are sharing a computer, please clear the cache before logging out.


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