How to Import BIM models to Unity

By 23rd June 2020Support

Read on to learn how to import BIM models from 3D Repo into Unity. 3D Repo supports all popular file formats including IFC, RVT, DGN, BCF, FBX, and OBJ. We also support these file formats via our Navisworks Plugin: DWG, DXF, DWFX, RVT, SKP, 3DS, DGN, IFC, NWC/NWD, PRT, SLDASM, and SLDPRT.

3D Repo highly-optimises the BIM models for real-time rendering by default and without losing any geometrical accuracy.

Before starting, make sure you download our SampleUnityProjectfile from the 3D Repo website. The SampleUnityProject contains everything you need to import your BIM models into Unity via 3D Repo’s open API.

Visit 3D Repo’s API page for more info.

1. Load the project into the Unity Editor

Simply open the SampleUnityProject from within the Unity Hub.

2. Add the ‘ExampleScript’ Component to the Main Camera

To do this, simply click the Add Component button to show available files, as outlined in red below.

3. Enter your 3D Repo credentials, Teamspace name, and Model ID

Via 3D Repo’s open API, your BIM model is then pulled into Unity.

4. Click play to load the model

Please note that the default camera position may not initially show an ideal view of the model. If this happens, simply adjust the camera positioning.

That’s it!

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