Data Validation with Smart Groups

By 12th April 2019 Announcements, Support

Data validation is the process of ensuring data is both correct and useful, and in the AEC industry it is usually a complicated process left for those with the technical know-how, the tech savvy, the BIM experts. But that has all changed with the latest release of 3D Repo version 3.4, featuring the all new Smart Groups feature – here to simplify and democratise the data validation process for all stakeholders.

Users of 3D Repo can use Smart Groups to search for objects based on certain criteria, to reveal whether correct naming conventions have been adhered to, that relevant BIM data has been entered, and whether or not the object meets the agreed standards e.g. whether or not the fire rating of those objects is within the correct range.

Data validation is crucial for accurate project pricing, procurement, project delivery, facilities and asset management. Errors can cause knock-on effects through the supply chain if not resolved early. Smart Groups democratises the process meaning all stakeholders can run these data checks before the project is passed on to their team to ensure it is up to standard – essentially streamlining the process.

Once users have created their Smart Groups, the data will automatically update after each revision is uploaded. This means that stakeholders can monitor live data throughout the project. 3D Repo’s API link can also be used to set up dashboards using PowerBI to help visualise the data to help with making decisions.

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