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Clash Sets for Instant Clash

By 10th June 2019June 15th, 2019Support

Instant Clash

When you start project coordination, frequently you are tasked with biweekly or even weekly model clash detection/coordination workshops.
I know how overwhelming and monotonous these can become for everyone, having sat through a large number of those myself. If you ask me what Instant Clash is and how can it help your current or future project coordination? Well, the answer is simple. It is a unique approach to running your clash detection. It is running instantly in your web browser, automatically identifying and highlighting the exact intersection points between different model elements.

Instant clash compares Base vs Target models and is based solely on geometry, regardless of the file format. Any project members working in 3D Repo can perform clash reviews without the need to be trained in Clash detection software or be limited by a lack of software licenses in their company. Get a detailed look at the cluster of highlighted clashes where instant clash highlights an area of intersection rather than the entire object. Below is an example of how the two principles compare.

3D Repo Instant Clash
Alternative Clash Detection

How do many users find it benefitting their coordination meetings already? The most obvious reason is that you no longer have to wait around for a dedicated person to perform a complex model clash test. Also, avoid the enduring task of grouping and reviewing hundreds or thousands of repetitive clash test results. Most importantly, there is no steep learning curve which often slows down the project progress.

Create Clash Sets

Create Clash Sets using a Smart Groups feature. There you can define a set of rules to be used when grouping model elements based on their metadata. The great thing is Clash Sets update automatically when you upload a new model revision. Use these clash sets to perform diligent clash detection and focus on the relevant model elements. The main benefit is that you can get everything set up in four simple steps. Click on the images shown in this section to see how it is done. For instance, MEP Ducts (Base Model) vs Fire rated walls (Target Model) is our clash test. When you activate 3D Clash, all you have to do is isolate the relevant clash set you wish to review. Switching between different clash sets can be done in a single session. For more information, watch the video about Smart Groups or visit our Support Page.

Happy coordination and stay tuned for more helpful tips!


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