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Business Benefits of BIM

By 28th January 2019Support

Reduced errors at the design stage

Lack of knowledge and information are often cited as the reasons for design errors, and can be attributed to 26% of the cost of defects of a project. BIM software helps to reduce errors at the design stage by helping people to visualise the design and gain a better understanding of what the finished building or construction project will look like. Clash detection tools inside BIM software such as 3D Repo also help to identify issues or clashes before construction takes place.

Reduced Rework

A major cause of delays and budget overspends on construction projects can be attributed to inaccurate field data, where field workers work from outdated plans. Using BIM software like 3D Repo, a cloud-based BIM collaboration tool, can provide access to anyone with a web browser whenever they need it – meaning no more lost files or emails. A cloud-based BIM solution ensures field workers are viewing the latest designs from a single source of truth. So when a new version is created, or an issue has been resolved, field workers are instantly aware and can continue to work from the latest version of the 3D model and in turn reduce the amount of rework required. Rework is often cited as being as much as 20% or more of the total cost of the project – a huge figure when looking at the small profit margins in the industry.

Reduced Construction Costs

It’s much more cost-effective to choose the right building materials of the correct specification, at the the right price during the design stage vs. on-site. Using BIM software can help to reduce wastage when ordering materials. As you move through the design and drafting stages, BIM software will compile a list of materials required, which also means you can negotiate on materials for the entire job. Being able to order off the back of the model also gives a more accurate picture of the quantities needed and reduce over-ordering. By designing, specifying, and estimating simultaneously, not only are you saving time but you are cutting out unnecessary steps and possible headcount for the project.

Reduce Project Duration

Issues that arise during a construction project can cause major delays and impact profits in an industry where profits are already diminishing. Mistakes can be identified and remedied early with tools like 3D Repo’s Instant Clash™ tool, designed to help you visualise clashes exactly where they appear in your design. Within 3D Repo, users are also able to assign these issues to the applicable teams involved in the construction project, so they can action the change required. Some large construction firms have reported as much as a 45% reduction in control-related rework thanks to using cloud-based BIM software.

What is 3D Repo?

3D Repo offer a platform for Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the cloud. So instead of architects, consultants and contractors sharing massive proprietary files in a costly and time-consuming manner, they can simply point their web browser to an encrypted knowledge base in order to examine each project stage virtually. Benefits of having BIM in the cloud include:

  • On-Demand Data Access – Provide access to anyone with a web browser whenever they need it; No more lost files or emails.
  • Productivity Increase – Increase overall project productivity and transparency with an overview of tasks that have been assigned to consultants and contractors.
  • Complexity Reduction – Simplify project management, interdisciplinary collaboration and file management through an easy to use web app.
  • Full Audit Trail – Manage all changes and updates from all stakeholders with the ability to roll back to any previous revision.
  • Virtual Design Coordination – Organise design review meetings digitally over the Internet regardless of where the teams are.
  • Advanced Encryption – Share your sensitive project information under the same level of encryption as with online banking.

Interested in implementing BIM in your next project? Sign up for a free 3D Repo account now, or contact one of our experts now to talk about getting your company set up with BIM.

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