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British Information Modelling: Introducing, Dr Al Fisher

By 18th June 2019 Announcements

Dr Al Fisher

Head of Computational Development

BuroHappold Engineering


As a structural engineer with a background in computational design I have a particular interest in the geometry of freeform architecture, where engineering efficiency and form are so inextricably linked.

My research is focused on novel approaches to structural design computation, enabling full integration of the design and analysis of shell, membrane and other lightweight and freeform structures. I also place great importance on early stage multidisciplinary conceptual design, where the designers’ increasing desires for swift pertinent feedback on their design’s validity, is changing the way we engineer and do design.

Event Presentation

Dr Al Fisher will talk about the Innovate UK-funded AEC Delta Mobility project, which aims to set a new standard to enable users to live-stream individual design changes – called deltas – between designers, integrators, and fabricators instead of sharing large files over-and-over again; using their own choice of any application conformant with the newly proposed AEC Delta Mobility specification.

Read more about the AEC Delta Mobility Project here.

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