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16th May 2019

Safer Construction with SafetiBase

The management of health and safety (H&S) information in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)…
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1st May 2019

5 Technologies That are Changing the Construction Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) The construction industry is one of the most hazardous in the UK,…
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25th April 2019

FINISHED 25 June 2019 – 8th British Information Modelling Event

Taking place on the 25th June we're holding our next British Information Modelling Event, this time at…
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18th April 2019

Presentations from 7th British Information modelling event

Our bi-annual British Information Modelling event in March 2019 was one of our best events…
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16th April 2019

Managing Risk with BIM

There is a long list of benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM) software in the…
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