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3D Repo is a BIM collaboration software platform for architects, engineers, consultants, and construction clients. Access your 3D BIM models through a web browser and use our live BIM tools to streamline design coordination. Get started in 15 mins with our free trial account.

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Bridge the gap between BIM and Digital Twins

3D Repo is a BIM collaboration software platform for better coordination and delivery of construction projects. Teams can communicate and access live BIM data, all through a web browser.

Our BIM collaboration software has already helped 100s of clients track progress and make informed decisions to deliver projects on time, whilst managing health and safety and project risks.


Architects & Engineers

Faster coordination

Improved data accuracy

Better stakeholder communication



Faster project delivery

Reduced project risk

Improve project monitoring

construction clients

Owners / Operators

Drive accountability

Streamline project feedback

Complete data handover

Digital tools to help create a better built environment

The 3D Repo collaboration platform can help boost productivity, safety, and quality in line with the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy targets for construction by 2025.


Lower costs

Reduction in the initial costs of construction and the whole life cost of built asset.


Faster delivery

Reduction in the overall time from inception to completion, for new build and refurbished assets.


Improved productivity

Eliminate the gap between construction and the rest of the economy.

Renovating Canada’s Parliamentary Complex

The largest project of its kind ever undertaken in Canada, the expansion and restoration Canada’s Parliamentary complex. To save time and money, and to minimise risk, HOK is making extensive use of 3D Repo’s BIM collaboration platform.

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