3D Repo API

Integrate 3D Repo with your software

What is 3D Repo API?

3D Repo’s API allows access and interaction with the wealth of data stored on 3D Repo’s servers. In fact, the API is utilised by 3D Repo’s online interface, meaning that all of the functionalities seen there can also be accessed via the API and use it directly with your software.

How does it work?

  • API stands for Application Programming Interface.
  • An API is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other.
  • With 3D Repo API, users can can access their data and read it, add to it, or update it.

What can you do with 3D Repo API?

Create Dashboards

Create dashboards to easily visualise project data

Link to Productivity Software

Use 3D Repo with tools such as Power BI, Node Red, and Dynamo for Revit

Project Reporting

Use queries to create customised reports

Bespoke UI

3D Repo can be used to power a bespoke interface for building information modelling

Bespoke Applications

Create bespoke web, VR or iOS mobile applications which load data from and interact with the 3D Repo database


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