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A Whole New Level of Collaboration

By 14th September 2020September 22nd, 2020Announcements, Webinars

The latest release of 3D Repo is here and it’s the most collaborative version of our platform ever! We’ve truly democratised the BIM process by further simplifying how data is shared through our platform.

We think BIM shouldn’t just be for the experts. So, we’ve added features that will let even complete beginners quickly access 3D models and comment on issues and risks as and when they need.

On top of all that, we’ve gone under the hood to optimise our platform so you can access your models and communicate faster than ever before.

So, What’s New?

  • Enhanced Collaborationeasier communication with integrated social functions.
  • Faster Model Sharinginstantly share custom model views and issues.
  • Boosted Overall Performancebetter performance, even with less than ideal internet and computer speeds.

For the most collaborative cloud-based BIM experience ever, log in to the latest version of 3D Repo today.

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