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4D Safety Planning with SafetiBase

By 5th April 2019 Announcements

James Bowles, 4D Consultant and Founder of Freeform has been testing SafetiBase with their detailed 4D models and put together this video demo – check it out.

James Bowles:

Next level 4D planning is coming soon. We’ve been testing how 3D Repo’s smart new online platform Safetibase works with our detailed 4D models. Safetibase is a cloud-based repository which uses existing best of breed solutions, including 3D Repo’s award-winning platform for Building Information Modelling (BIM), to improve risk management.

By creating a project risk register/database directly from the project models, this is a powerful next step in how we work with teams. Up to now, we’ve been running planning, safety and logistics workshops using ‘just’ 4D models. Now we have the option to use Safetibase, we’ll be rolling this out on our current and future projects.

Safetibase is compliant with PAS1192-6, is easy to use, and allows risks to be:

1. Discovered
2. Defined by severity
3. Defined by likelihood
4. Assigned to a team member
5. Mitigation actions assigned
6. Audit trail fully recorded
7. Full searchable reports created

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