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By 15th May 2017 Support

We are working hard to create a user friendly and robust BIM collaboration platform. However, things sometimes don’t go according to plan and we might need your help to improve If you find a bug or encounter any unusual behaviour, please do the following before you contact us on Thank you very much!

  1. On Windows, press Windows button + R
  2. Type dxdiag and hit Enter
  3. A diagnostic tool pops up, click Save All Information… Save a dxdiag.txt on your local drive. Don’t worry, this saves only your PC’s spec. Your private information is safe.
  4. In Chrome, open a new tab and type chrome://gpu
  5. Right-click anywhere in the tab and Save as… This will save a gpu.htm file with Chrome graphics settings and again your evening plans remain a mystery to us.
  6. If you can figure out a pattern, set of steps which cause the trouble replicate the problem with Console open.
  7. Reload first and then go to Chrome menu > More tools > Develper tools > Console tab
  8. Right-click anywhere in the Console and Save as… Save file on your local drive. This saves events that ran under the bonnet when a problem occurred and doesn’t reveal anything personal.
  9. Please send the dxdiag.txt, gpu.htm, file file to
  10. Also, send us a 3D model which is causing a problem (but only if you are comfortable with sharing it with us).

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Your 3D Repo team.

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