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3D Repo at ICE Security Meeting

By 16th January 2018 Announcements

On Tuesday the 16th of January 2018, 3D Repo participated in a security roundtable discussion hosted by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and sponsored by Topcon. The session was chaired by Prof Tim Broyd, the immediate previous President of ICE with participants from HS2, Network Rail, Thames Tideway Tunnel and the UK Government among others.

The industry is hearing all about how digital technology is transforming the way we design, build, operate and maintain infrastructure. Drones, sensors, virtual reality, BIM – all offer new possibilities for generating data, understanding assets and collaborating on projects.
But there are challenges to meet, especially around security. The scale of information available as well as increased connectivity for project stakeholders means that clients have a serious challenge on their hands. How can they ensure that asset information is shared securely, project access is restricted appropriately, and all stakeholders can be trusted?
With much tighter regulations on the way – GDPR and the NIS Directive will be in place by May 2018 – clients and asset owners don’t have long to make sure they have secure processes in place.
If breaches occur within the supply chain, who is responsible? Does the buck stop with clients and Tier 1 contractors, or do smaller enterprises need to up their game? Should we all be working together more closely to develop a security-minded culture?

All these topics were discussed in great length a summary report will be presented by the ICE in due course. This follows 3D Repo’s participation in the State of the Nation discussions and eventual report from 2017.

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