3D Repo an Official Supplier on G-Cloud 11

By 11th July 2019Announcements, Support

3D Repo is an approved supplier on the Crown Commercial Service’s Digital Marketplace. You can find us under the G-Cloud 11 Framework, under the Cloud hosting, software and support section.

G Cloud 11 is the latest commercial agreement that allows UK public sector bodies to choose and purchase cloud computing services covering infrastructure, platform, software and specialist cloud services.

Public sector organisations can use the G-Cloud 11 Digital Marketplace to find people and technology for digital projects. This framework allows organisations to buy our services quickly and easily, removing the hassle of running a lengthy tender process.

3D Repo Explained

With 3drepo.io, users can manage 3D Building Information Modelling revisions directly in web browsers and highlight potential issues using live collaboration tools. This allows the whole project team to work from a single source of truth in the cloud on large construction and infrastructure projects from any connected device.


  • Real-time virtual 3D BIM visualisation on web browsers
  • Data management of very large BIM assets with GIS integration
  • API connections to other online services with support for SnakeGrid
  • Markup, change/clash detection and redlining in 3D environment
  • Live issue tracking over the Internet with no installation required
  • Industry Foundation Classes and Building Collaboration Format support
  • Real-time online communication and data exchange
  • Workflow data management and 3D BIM federation online
  • 3D version control and revision history management
  • Encrypted data transmission/storage with role-based access control


  • Manage very large 3D BIM and infrastructure projects online
  • Integrate with other systems and GIS datasets
  • Roll back to any revision and find instant changes
  • Instantly detect visual clashes in very large datasets
  • Track issues on projects, assign tasks to consultants/contractors
  • Monitor progress and report performance per stakeholder
  • Store 3D assets in open standards for longevity/accessibility
  • Easily define new data processing workflows
  • Conveniently link with third-party applications via open APIs
  • Give data access to stakeholders over the Internet

Interested in implementing 3D Repo’s digital construction (BIM) platform in your next project? Contact one of our experts now to talk about getting your company set up with BIM.

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