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3D Repo 4.6 New Features

By 27th April 2020May 13th, 2020Announcements, Support

This update brings the much requested measurement tool, Revit plug-in, and an important update to the health and safety risk management tool, SafetiBase. Read more about the new features below…

Take accurate measurements in your model

Measurement Card

Now you can take measurements in your 3D models using the new Measurement Card tool. The measurement card uses point-to-point and edge snapping so you can take accurate measurements of objects in your 3D model.

You can also calculate surface area and custom surface areas, minimum distances, and pinpoint model coordinates. All the measurements you take are recorded in your Measurement Card tool.

Try in 3D Repo
Easily integrate 3D Repo with Autodesk Revit

Revit Plug-in

Issues created in 3D Repo can now be accessed inside Autodesk Revit with the Revit Plug-in. View messages, resources, screenshots, and even add new issues and comments all from within the Revit environment.

Any new issues and comments are then easily synched back to 3D Repo for other collaborators to view.

Download Revit Plug-in
Improved risk mitigation


Use the standardised Excel template by Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for recommended risk treatments and upload it to 3D Repo.

Simply download the template from your Teamspace settings in and populate with your treatment recommendations and risk data. Under the Treatment tab in SafetiBase, use the ‘Suggest’ button to choose from the list of recommended treatments when creating a new issue.

Learn more about SafetiBase

Additional Updates

Navisworks Plug-in

Export .BIM files locally and upload to 3D Repo

Download the plugin

Backend Maintenance

Read more on our GitHub page

General UI Improvements

Read more on our GitHub page

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