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3D Repo 4.14 New Features

By 23rd February 2021Releases

It’s time for a new release! Key new features include Presenter Mode, Element Selection, and Revit Texture Support. See below for more details.

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Presenter Mode

Leveraging our existing cloud-based digital construction platform, the team at 3D Repo have developed a novel remote collaboration rendering solution which in combination with advanced caching can significantly reduce the bandwidth and latency requirements during teleconferencing when collaborating on large 3D BIM models. Now, multiple users can collaborate on a shared model driven by a single presenter.

As the presenter navigates the model, the attendee’s camera automatically follows along. Section planes, colour overrides, and element visibility are also mimicked across all participants. Better still, every participant has access to the full suite of 3D Repo tools to report any design-related issues, highlight health and safety risks via SafetiBase, or query the model using our BIM data and measurement tools. At any point, attendees can also diverge from the presenter’s control to perform other ad hoc tasks and later easily re-join the presentation when they choose to do so.

See our Presenter Mode Help Article to get started

Element Selection

Model metadata is a vital component of the BIM process, and 3D Repo’s latest update allows you to see the relationships in your model data. By opening the BIM card and selecting the new target icons, you can select all model elements with the same parameter. Also available is the ability to copy a rule set for the 3D Repo Smart Groups tool to help colour code up your model based on parameters which live through multiple revisions of the model.

Revit Texture Support

The 3D Repo plugin for Autodesk Revit has upgraded texture support, now you can select both the level of detail you wish to upload and whether you want to include textures when viewing your models in 3D Repo.

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